Your Game Plan


Before You Get Your Puppy:

Get set up for success!

  • Find the right type of dog for your lifestyle and locate quality rescues or breeders. If you need help, we offer private sessions!                                                                
  • Prepare for bringing your puppy home by getting all your basic supplies, puppy proofing your home, and interviewing potential pet service providers (vet, petsitter, etc). If you need help, choose a private training session. We will help you get set up!

After You Get Your Puppy: 

1. Start training with us at 8-10 weeks of age - The Social Puppy Class and the Good Puppy Course are the two essentials for every puppy! 

  • WoGo Social Puppy Class (for pups 9-20 weeks) helps puppies learn how to be socially safe and appropriate. Shy puppies gain confidence and over-exuberant dogs learn to relax. Parents learn dogs body language, how to prevent unwanted puppy behavior, and what appropriate play looks like.

  • Good Puppy Course (for pups around 12 weeks and older) is the Basic Level of Wonder Puppy’s Signature Training Series. This can be taken as a group course or one-on-one in private sessions. This course typically lasts for 8 weeks. We begin with basics of clicker training, worldly socialization, and teaching basic skills from sit to leash manners and leave it.


2. Continue your puppy's learning over the first year as master the basics!

  • Great Puppy is the Intermediate Level of Wonder Puppy’s signature Basic Training Series. Work on applying your knowledge to real life situations and fade out our clicks and treats for known skills. 

  • Wonder Puppy is the Advanced Level of Wonder Puppy’s Signature Training Series. In this course, we focus on advanced skills that pulls all of our learning together and "brings the outdoors in" for training! Once you successfully complete this course, you can say that your pup is a true Wonder Puppy! 

3. Have fun with continuing education! We also offer fun elective courses such as:

  • Reliable Puppy - coming when called... in the great outdoors!
  • Nosey Puppy - learning how to search and indicate odors!
  • CGC Puppy - becoming a Canine Good Citizen!


When You Need Additional Support: 

Private one-on-one training is perfect for pups that have mild anxiety, reactivity, or fearfulness.