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Good Puppy 

Good Puppy is the perfect beginner’s course for start-up success! You will learn reward-based clicker training for basic skills and bite-prevention exercises. This course is not just about having a well-mannered’s about having a healthy and happy relationship with your puppy!

Basic skills include:

  • auto focus
  • name
  • sit
  • down
  • stay 
  • come
  • park it 
  • take it
  • drop it
  • leave it
  • greetings
  • leash walking
  • bite prevention
  • socialization


Includes Wonder Parenting 101 Group Orientation
Wonder Parenting 101 is just for YOU! To set everyone up for success, this is a class that covers all of the tools and knowhow to succeed in your training class and beyond! We will share the secret formula so you can tackle the common behavior issues with confidence and think like a trainer. You will learn to prevent and train for unwanted habits such as: 

  • play biting
  • jumping
  • chewing
  • separations issues
  • not listening
  • house soiling
  • demand barking
  • crate issues
  • digging
  • & more!

Suggested Ages: 12 weeks & older *Due to our small class-size, we often fill up a month in advance. It's recommended to sign up early and you can attend WoGo Social Puppy until your class begins for early socialization. 
Class Size: 5 Students
1 hour and 15 minutes, 8 sessions + "wonder parenting 101" orientation 
Wonder Parenting Orientation Class, clicker, & handouts
Cost: $295 
Cancelation Policy: 72 hours notice before course starts to receive credit or refund.
Health and Temperament Requirements: All pups must be healthy and dog-safe. If your pup has anxiety or is excessively barky, group class may not be appropriate - please arrange a time to come by to see how your dog does in the classroom environment. Please contact the office at or 503.697.7877.

Note: For puppy playtime, please attend WoGo Playgroups with our trainers who specialize in play education. Because our intimate class size often limits dog to dog compatibility, this class focuses on socialization in the presence of other dogs while connecting to you!

June classes are almost full. August classes will be listed in the first week of July!

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