Public School

Public School is training in a group classroom setting. It’s kind of like having your own puppy support group! And, at WP, we keep our class sizes small to make sure that you get the best in personal attention from your trainer.


Core Classes 

Social Puppy

Social Puppy is the most important first class you will ever take with your dog - for puppies 9-20 weeks of age! This class includes a combination of appropriate play training and bite prevention exercises. Social Puppy references the 5 stages of play to assess your dog's sociability and uses WoGo® Techniques to encourage good habits. WoGo-based play is not just about being socially confident, it's also about being socially appropriate. It's about balancing the "go-go-go" with the "whoa!" so your puppy learns how to self-regulate when nervous or over-excited. Each session includes two trainers who will help you navigate playtime, breaks, connection with you around other puppies, and worldly socialization exercises. It will help teach your puppy how to soften her mouth and it will teach you both how to speak dog! 

When should you start? ASAP after 9 weeks of age! You only get one puppyhood and the first 20 weeks the most critical time. It's kind of like getting puppy vaccines for preventing fearfulness and aggression. Classes are by size: Tiny Tykes (up to 12lbs), Little Tykes (12-25lbs), & Big Tykes (25-55lbs)

Level: Beginner
 9 weeks to 5 months
Length: 1 hour, single sessions
Cost: $25 per Session, or 5-Session Package for $115
Vaccination Requirement: First set of puppy shots + 7 days. Click here for Veterinarian Recommendation.
Cancelation Policy: 24 hours notice before class starts to receive credit or refund. To cancel: log in, go to the day you have scheduled, and click "cancel".
*If your puppy has had ANY sneezing, coughing, vomiting, or diarrhea, or lethargy within 24 hours, you MAY NOT attend class. 
*This class is not for every puppy. Some puppies don't enjoy being enclosed in a small space with other youngsters. Some will prefer less stimulating environments, nature and/or older dogs. We let the puppies tell us what will help them best, and sometimes that's a good referral out. We will recommend whatever will help them thrive the best!:)
Pre-Requisite: Sorry, but for physical safety, puppies go to dog parks or non-puppy-specific daycares are NOT ALLOWED to attend Social Puppy Class. 

WP Recommendations:
-Dogs need a minimum of 20 positive play experiences by 20 weeks of age with 20 different pups - at least 2 times per week during their critical brain development.
-For best results, take the Good Puppy Course for basic training, and read "Calming Signals" by Turid Rugaas.



Black & Brown Puppies Playing at WoGo Playgroups at Wonder Puppy in Portland, OR


Basic Training Series

WP offers the very best start in basic training your puppy! Our signature series is made up of 3 courses progressing from easy to difficult - the perfect foundation, especially for dogs in their first year of schooling!

Beginner through Advanced
Suggested Ages: 9 weeks & older *This class and Social Puppy go hand-in-hand for early socialization. 
Class Size: 4-5 Students
1-hr classes meeting for 8 weeks  + "wonder parenting 101" orientation for beginners
Cost: $295 
Cancelation Policy: 72 hours notice before course starts to receive credit or refund
Pre-requisites: Each class builds on the last. If transferring from another training company into Great or Wonder, it's required to schedule a Private "Make-Up Session" to assess readiness. Please contact the office at or 503.697.7877.
Health and Temperament Requirements: All pups must be healthy and dog-safe. If your pup has anxiety or is excessively barky, group class may not be appropriate - please arrange a time to come by to see how your dog does in the classroom environment. Please contact the office at or 503.697.7877.

Your first course includes a Wonder Parenting 101 Group Orientation
Wonder Parenting 101 is just for YOU (no pups)! To set everyone up for success, this is a class that covers all of the tools and knowhow to succeed in your training classes and beyond! We will share the secret formula so you can tackle the common behavior issues with confidence and think like a trainer. You will learn to prevent and train for unwanted habits including: 

play biting  house soiling  jumping   ignoring  demand barking
chewing  crate issues  separation issues  digging  & more!


Good PuppyGood Puppy℠   SIGN ME UP!

Good Puppy is the perfect beginner’s course for start-up success. The course includes bite-prevention exercises and reward-based clicker training for basic skills such as name, sit, down, stay, come, take it, drop it, leave it, park it, leash manners, and more.  This course is not just about having a well-mannered’s about having a healthy and happy relationship with your puppy!



Great PuppyGreat Puppy℠   SIGN ME UP!

Great Puppy will expand upon your puppy’s learning foundation by adding distraction and fading out food rewards for well-known skills. You will continue to work together as a team as you teach your puppy practical tasks such as: the ability to focus and respond when distracted, “go to your mat” for a guest, "sit-stay" to be greeted, “down-stay" when a skateboard passes by, and more. By learning through success, you and your puppy will become prepared for the challenges of everyday life…while having fun!

Wonder PuppyWonder Puppy℠   SIGN ME UP!

Wonder Puppy is where you complete your basic schooling! In class, you will have fun as you tackle real life-challenges such as: “come” and "sit-stay" to be leashed up, “sit-stay” to be pet, loose-leash walking past other dogs, “relax” in a picnic situation, and more. At the end of the 8 weeks, you will have the basic education necessary for living a long and happy life with your dog. You will also be prepared for taking the AKC “Canine Citizen” class and evaluation if you decide to go further. It's a great way to "pull it all together"… so that your puppy becomes a true Wonder Puppy!

*Please note - Unfortunately, this class is not suited for fearful or reactive dogs, or for dogs who really struggle with being in close proximity to other dogs on leash. One of the biggest focuses of this class is working within a few feet other each other. For fearful and reactive pups, we recommend private training.





Canine Good Citizen is all about responsible dog parenting and fading out training tools for basic skills. It's the perfect class to take after completing the Wonder Puppy Series, and also the next step in preparing for therapy and assistance dog work. The first three weeks are skill practice, and the last class is the CGC Assessment. In the Assessment, your dog will demonstrate the following skills without clickers or treats: sit and down / stay in place, coming when called, accepting a friendly stranger, sitting politely for petting, reaction to distractions, out for a walk, walking through a crowd, reaction to another dog, appearance and grooming, and supervised separation.  

Level: Advanced
Ages: ~12 months & older
Length: 1 hour meeting for 4 weeks
Class Size: 5 Students
Includes: handouts
Cost: $150
-Wonder Puppy Course, or equivalent is required. If transferring from another training company, it's required to schedule a Private "Make-Up Session" to assess readiness. Please contact the office at or 503.697.7877.
-Dog must be able to work and settle near other dogs in close proximity (no reactivity or excessive barking).
Cancelation Policy: 72 hours notice before course starts to receive credit or refund.

Nosey Puppy   SIGN ME UP!

Nosey Puppy is all about what your dog does best naturally... use their nose! Based on the sport called Canine Nose Work, the objective of this class is that your pup will learn how and when to correctly find, identify, and mark specific scents. Once your pup gets the hang of this game, you can even apply the skills to finding everyday objects like keys, cell phones and wallets! How cool is that!? It's great mental enrichment and also fantastic practice for working and settling around other dogs. Join us for this course to work toward competition, building a foundation to search/rescue and service work... or just for fun!  

Level: Intermediate 
Ages: ~8 months & older
Length: 1 hour meeting for 8 weeks
Class Size: 5 Students
Includes: clicker, scent packs, handouts
Location: Wonder Puppy
Cost: $295
-Great Puppy Course, or positive reinforcement-based training course equivalent (if transferring from another company). 
-Dog must be able to work and settle near other dogs in close proximity (no reactivity or excessive barking). 
-Requires an approved back-clip harness that is not used in other situations.
-Handler must be able to safely control their pup on a back clip harness.
Cancelation Policy: 72 hours notice before course starts to receive credit or refund.



Reliable Puppy   SIGN ME UP!

Reliable Puppy is all about reliably "coming when called"... here, there, and anywhere! It's a seasonal outdoor course where you have fun playing recall games, gaining connection, and putting your foundational skills to the test!

Level: Intermediate 
Ages: ~5 months & older
Length: 1 hour meeting for 4 weeks 
Class Size: 5 Students
Includes: Clicker & handouts
Location: Park or city setting (your trainer will notify you before class starts)
Conditions Requirements: Dog must be dog and people safe/friendly. Rain or shine. People must be able and willing to hike in all weather.
Cost: $150
Pre-requisite: Good Puppy Course, or positive reinforcement-based basic training course equivalent (if transferring from another company). 
Cancelation Policy: 72 hours notice before course starts to receive credit or refund.
Please Bring: A small backpack, flat leash, collar or harness, 20 ft long-line, treat pouch, treats, favorite toy, and edible chewing outlet.


Before You Come to Your Group Class or Playgroup

Please Bring:

  • Leash 6ft leash (non-retractable)

  • Harness and/or collar (no chains or prongs)

  • Treat Pouch and Treats - a variety of really yummy, chewy pea-sized goodies (you can get ‘em here!)

  • Clicker (group courses only and you will get one at the first class!)
  • Edible Chew Stick and/or Stuffed Kong

  • Toys - squeaky toy and tug toy

  • &... An exercised, pottied, semi-hungry pup!


Pup Requirements: 

Healthy, vaccinated, & free of parasites:

  • At least one wellness check-up by your personal Veterinarian + and health approved for attending training services with Wonder Puppy®.
  • One set of puppy shots and one deworming given by veterinarian + 7 days, for: Distemper, Hepatitis (or Adenovirus), Para influenza, and Parvovirus.
    Bordetella and Leptospirosis, only if recommended by your veterinarian
  • Remaining up-to-date on all vaccines (blood titers are okay).
  • No diarrhea, vomiting, or coughing within 24 hours of attending WP training services.
  • While we don't REQUIRE a fecal, it is very important to get a fecal done for your dog to make sure that they are not carrying parasites. We strongly suggest you ask your vet to check this.
  • If your puppy has parasites, we require that your pup has received medication for 3 full days, has no symptoms, and gets a bath the day of class before coming into WP. If your puppy has any kind of a cough we need an "all clear" from your vet first before returning to class. Please have them call us or bring in a note.
  • Check it out! Veterinarians agree that socialization should happen BEFORE completion of vaccinations! 


Shelter and rescue quarantine time:

  • Adopted pups can come to class after 10 days in their new homes and once their new veterinarian gives them a clean bill of health.

If your dog goes into heat or becomes sick during a course:

  • We can not have dogs that are sick or in heat in the center at any time. We highly recommend auditing your class without your puppy in the case that this occurs.