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Wonder Puppy is a Puppy Parenting Center based in Portland, OR, that specializes in dogs under the age of 2. Through our holistic puppy school and supply store, we bring together every ingredient you’ll need to raise a good dog—all in a safe, supportive learning environment. Although our focus is puppyhood, we also welcome dogs of all ages and stages!

Decide – if, when, and what kind of a puppy is best suited to your household and your lifestyle.

Get Ready – with all of the basic puppy care and training products that are appropriate to your unique situation.

Learn & Grow – together as a team to build a healthy relationship and enjoy a long, happy life with your dog.


Our Methods

Wonder Puppy uses reward-based training methods that are gentle, reliable...and fun!  All of our techniques are nurturing and we specialize in Clicker Training. So, it's safe to start training as soon as you bring your puppy home--even puppies as young as 8 weeks of age!



At Wonder Puppy you have many service options.  Whether you would like to train in a group setting, one-on-one at a location of your choice, or you would like to let your pup stay with us for an extra boost, Wonder Puppy can help.


Why "Puppy Parenting?"

There are many parallels between puppies and children. That aside, dogs in our society need to know more than what their mothers can teach them. Left to their own, dogs raise their puppies to be like the wolves they descend from. But it’s a “human’s world” out there, and dogs need to “belong” in their human families. Instead of raising puppies to become like wolves, we parent them to become our companions, teaching them to co-exist with us according to human norms.


What about being the Alpha?

Casey & JacksonSome say that your first priority should be to dominate your puppy, proving that you’re the “top dog.” We disagree with that approach, and so does research. People have gotten seriously injured trying to be the alpha, and dogs have been hurt or traumatized. By contrast, our methods are safe, easy, healthy, practical... and fun!


The "Good Dog" Recipe

Raising a happy dog calls for just the right ingredients.
Good news! Wonder Puppy is here to guide you through it.
We take the guesswork and runaround out of having a dog.

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We invite you to browse our site, meet our team of trainers, and make yourself at home. No matter what stage of the game you're at, Wonder Puppy is here for you and your puppy!