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Nosey Puppy Series - Nosey 1

Nosey 1 is the first course in a three-part Nosey Puppy Series. The Nosey Puppy Series is Wonder Puppy's training series in Canine Nosework. You can take it just for fun, for working toward competition, or for building a foundation to search/rescue and service work!

In this first course, you will get a broad introduction to the sport as you learn about how to "work your dog on a scent". Your dog will gain both confidence-building skills and impulse control. At the conclusion of the course, your pup will be able to successfully find hidden food items when working, and settle near other dogs when not working ...this is the foundation for nosey success and being able to discriminate more advanced scents in level 2!

Level: Beginner through Advanced
Ages: ~5 months & older
Length: 1 hour meeting for 4 weeks
Class Size: 5 Students
Includes: handouts
Location: Wonder Puppy
Conditions Requirements: Dog must be able to be near other dogs in close proximity.
Cost: $150
Pre-requisite: Good Puppy Course, or positive reinforcement-based basic training course equivalent (if transferring from another company).
Cancelation Policy: 72 hours notice before course starts to receive credit or refund.

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