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Nosey Puppy 

Nosey Puppy is all about what your dog does best naturally... use their nose! Based on the sport called Canine Nose Work, the objective of this class is that your pup will learn how and when to correctly find, identify, and mark specific scents. Once your pup gets the hang of this game, you can even apply the skills to finding everyday objects like keys, cell phones and wallets! How cool is that!? It's great mental enrichment and also fantastic practice for working and settling around other dogs. Join us for this course to work toward competition, building a foundation to search/rescue and service work... or just for fun!  *Coming to WP in March!

Level: Intermediate
Ages: ~8 months & older
Length: 1 hour meeting for 8 weeks
Class Size: 5 Students
Includes: clicker, scent packs, & handouts
Location: Wonder Puppy
Cost: $295
-Great Puppy Course, or positive reinforcement-based training course equivalent (if transferring from another company). 
-Dog must be able to work and settle near other dogs in close proximity (no reactivity or excessive barking). 
-Requires an approved back-clip harness that is not used in other situations.
-Handler must be able to safely control their pup on a back clip harness.
Cancelation Policy: 72 hours notice before course starts to receive credit or refund.

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