Boarding School

Need more help with your puppy? Leave the care and training to us with this supplemental, half-day, drop-off service! Whether it’s for a little boost or a full immersion program, now you can leave your little one with peace of mind. *This is meant to be a supplemental service in addition to training you are already doing. 

Boarding School is a great option if you:

  • Work during the day
  • Feel overwhelmed
  • Don’t have enough time
  • Want an extra boost


Puppy Day Camp

Day Camp is all things nurturing for your puppy! You can use this awesome service as a substitute for daycare, for days when you are extra busy, or days when you just need a break! Day Camp provides the perfect balance of all the essential “wonder puppy” ingredients: socialization, training, exercise, and rest. To ensure that your puppy gets the the very best in personal attention, there are two Wonder Trainers on staff with a maximum of eight puppies.

Level: Beginner 
For ages: 9-20 Weeks
Length: 4 Hours, from 8am to 12pm
Drop Off: 7:30-8am 
Pick Up: 11:30-12pm
Location: At WP in Studio B
Cost: Varies based on number of sessions
Restrictions: Sorry, if your puppy goes to daycare or dog parks, they may NOT attend Puppy Day Camp. This is for health and safety purposes.

Each Day Includes:

  • worldly socialization exercises 
  • structured dog-dog play
  • clicker training for basic skills and manners
  • nap times with crate and tether (for rest, boundary practice, and separation training)
  • report card or snapshot/video of your puppy’s day!

Topics Covered:

  • Socialization - sights, sounds, dogs, sharing resources,  grooming, handling, and more!
  • Basic Training - focus, sit, down, stay, take it, drop it, park it, come when called, leash training, greeting manners, leave it, and more!
  • Behavior Issues - jumping, chewing, play biting, potty training, crate training, shyness, general impulse control, and more!


Single Session

Just getting started or need a one-time session?

4-Hour Session 



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Multiple Sessions

Would you like a more complete training program for your pup? We offer Monthly Immersion Programs! We can even reinforce all of the great skills from our full Good Puppy Course at your convenience! *To make sure day camp is appropriate for your puppy, you must attend at least one "Single Session" before signing up for "Multiple Sessions".



4 Sessions

$400 ($100/session)  



8 Sessions

$776 ($97/session)  


12 Sessions

$1,140 ($95/session)   



Before Your Boarding School Session

Pup Requirements:


Healthy, vaccinated, & free of parasites:

  • At least one wellness check-up by your personal Veterinarian + and health approved for attending training services with Wonder Puppy®.
  • One set of puppy shots and one deworming given by veterinarian + 7 days, for: Distemper, Hepatitis (or Adenovirus), Para influenza, and Parvovirus. Bordetella and Leptospirosis, only if recommended by your veterinarian.
  • No diarrhea, vomiting, or coughing within 24 hours of attending WP training services.
  • While we don't REQUIRE a fecal, it is very important to get a fecal done for your dog to make sure that they are not carrying parasites. We strongly suggest you ask your vet to check this.
  • Check it out! Veterinarians agree that socialization should happen BEFORE completion of vaccinations! 


Shelter and rescue quarantine time:

  • Adopted pups can come into the training studio after 10 days in their new homes and once their new veterinarian gives them a clean bill of health.