Anyssa Davis

Wonder Trainer
Anyssa brings a variety of animal experience to the Wonder Puppy Team. She got her start in Southern California volunteering at her hometown shelter where she provided enrichment, exercise, and behavior assessments for shelter pups. Soon after, Anyssa became a veterinarian assistant where she decided she wanted to make animals her career. Anyssa has a degree in Exotic Animal Training and Management from Moorpark College. At Moorpark she was lucky enough to train and work with lions, monkeys, wild dogs, donkeys, and more. After graduation, Anyssa decided the domestic canine was for her and went on to work with service dogs for the visually impaired. She has worked in the kennels and trained career changed dogs for fun tricks, improved basic skills, and new behaviors that prepared them for other service organizations that best fit their personalities.

Training has always been a passion of Anyssa’s and she currently is working towards her CDPT-KA certification and many others! Anyssa lives in Gresham with her new rescue pup, a brindle lab mix named Hercules, where she practices Wonder Puppy techniques to teach him how to be a good boy in his new home.
Specializes in: Bringing Puppy Home, Socialization, Basic Skills, Common Puppy Issues, Appropriate Play, Introducing New Family Members, Good Puppy Course, Great Puppy Course, Dog Park Safety

Anyssa Davis instructs the following: