A-Z Parenting Resources


All of the following resources were fully read and researched, then hand-selected by Wonder Puppy Trainers to best help you with many common puppy parenting concerns.


Babies/Children & Dogs

I'm Having a Baby, What Should I Be Doing with my Dog?
Choosing a Dog For Children

Dog Heaven (explaining pet loss to children)
by Cynthia Rylant

Happy Kids, Happy Dogs
by Barbara Shumannfang

I'll Always Love You (explaining pet loss)
by Colleen Pelar

May I Pet Your Dog? The how-to guide for kids meeting dogs (and dogs meeting kids)
by Sephanie Calmenson and Jan Ormerod

Sounds Good - Babies
by Terry Ryan

Sounds Good - Children
by Terry Ryan

A Kids Guide to Massaging Dogs
by Jonathan Rudinger

Every Picture Tells A Story: An Educational Aid for Children to Explore the Language of Dogs
by Ian Dunbar

Dog Bite Prevention for Kids

Body Language

Canine Body Language, A Photographic Guide
by Brenda Aloff

On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals, 2nd Ed.
by Turid Rugaas

Calming Signals
by Turid Rugaas

Choosing a Dog

Breed Research: How Your Dog's Breed Affects Behavior
Breeder Selection and How it Affects Your Dog's Behavior

Paws to Consider
by Brian Kilcommons and Sara Wilson  

Crate Training

Quick and Easy Crate Training
by Teoti Anderson and Stephanie Fornino

Crate Games: For Self-Control and Motivation
by Susan Garrett 

Diet & Nutrition

Canine & Feline Nutrition
by Daniel P. Carey, Diane A. Hirakawa, and Leighann Daristotle

Good Eats - Finding the Best Foods, Treats & Suppliments
by The Whole Dog Journal

Grow Your Pups with Bones
by Dr. Ian Billinghurst

Not Fit for a Dog! The Truth About Manufactured Dog and Cat Food
by Michael W. Fox

Principles of Companion Animal Nutrition
by John P. McNamara

Raw Dog Food - Make It Easy for You and Your Dog
by Carina Beth MacDonald

Whole Pet Diet: 8 Weeks to Great Health for Dogs and Cats
by Andi Brown

Whole Dog Journal (Monthly)


Dog Park Saftey

Off-Leash Dog Play: A complete guide to safety and fun
by Robin K. Bennett and Susan Briggs

Visiting the Dog Park - Having Fun, Staying Safe
by Cheryl Smith 

Dominance-Alpha Dog Theory Myth

Alpha or Leader
The History and Misconceptions of Dominance Theory

Dominance Theory and Dogs
by James O'Heare

Dominance Theory: Fact or Fiction
by Barry Eaton

Fighting Dominance in a Dog Whispering World
by Jean Donaldson and Ian Dunbar

Evolution of Dogs

Dogs: A New Understanding of Canine Origin, Behavior and Evolution
by Raymond Coppinger

The Evolution of Canine Social Behavior
by Roger Abrantes

Fearful Dogs

Help for Your Fearful Dog: A step-by-step guide to helping your dog conquer his fears
by Nicole Wilde

Help for Your Shy Dog: Turning your terrified dog into a terrific pet
by Deborah Woods

Through a Dog's Ear
by Joshua Leeds and Susan Wagner

Through a Dog's Ear, Vol 1
Through a Dog's Ear, Driving Edition

A Guide to Living and Working with a Fearful Dog
by Debbie Jacobs

Fearful Dogs: Help for you and your dog


All's Well
by Whole Dog Journal

Dr. Pitcairn's New Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats
by Richard H. Pitcairn and Susan Hubble Pitcairn

10 Herbs for Happy, Healthy Dogs
by Kathleen Brown

The Complete Holistic Dog Book: Home Health Care for Our Canine Companions
by Jan Allegretti and Katy Sommers

The Holistic Dog Book
by Denise Flaim

Whole Health for Happy Dogs: A Natural Health Handbook for Dogs and Their Owners
by Jill Elliot, Kim Blommer, and Nick Ridley

In Search of the Truth About Dogs: An Introduction to Canine Health
by Dr. Christopher Day, Dr. Michael Fox, and Catherine O'Driscoll

Unleash Your Dog's Potential (Tellington Touch)
by Linda Tellington-Jones


Sleep Health - How Much Do Dogs Sleep
Tuck - Advancing Better Sleep

Pet First Aid/CPR

American Red Cross

Playing With Your Dog

Learning Games
by Kay Lawrence

Play with Your Dog
by Pat Miller 

Potty Training

Way to Go!
by Patricia McConnell

Puppy Socialization & Training

Being a Puppy Parent
Socializing Dogs to People
Various Clickersolutions.com Puppy Articles

Puppy Start Right
by Kenneth M. Martin, DVM and
by Debbie Martin, RVT, VTS, CPDT-KA, KPA CTP

by Maran Illustrated Group

Before and After Your Puppy
by Ian Dunbar

Click For Joy
by Melissa Alexander

Clicker Training for Dogs
by Karen Pryor

Clicking with Your Dog: Step-by-step clicker training
by Patty Tillman

Culture Clash: A revolutionary way to understanding the relationship between humans and domestic dogs,
Revised Ed.
by Jean Donaldson

Don't Shoot the Dog
by Karen Pryor

Management Magic
by Leslie Nelson and Gair Pivar

Puppy Care and Training
by Teoti Anderson

Puppy Journal
by Judith Hancock

Raising a Behaviorally Healthy Puppy: A Pet Parenting Guide
by Suzanne Hetts and Daniel Q. Estep

by Kim Campbell Thornton and Buck Jones

Taking Care of Puppy Business
by Gail Pivar and Leslie Nelson

The Puppy Whisperer: A Compassionate, Non-Violent Guide to Early Training and Care
by Paul Owens and Terence Cranedonk

The Ultimate Puppy Toolkit: A Complete, fun, step-by-step guide to raising a well-adjusted dog
by Urban Puppy Inc

Your Outta Control Puppy
byTeoti Anderson

Sounds Good: Puppy Habituation
by Terry Ryan

Click and Go!
by Deb Jones

New Puppy! Now What?
by Victoria Schade

Puppy Love: Raise Your Dog the Clicker Way
by Karen Pryor

Puppy Kindergarten
by Corally Burmaster

The Shape of Bow Wow: Shaping behaviors and adding cues
by Virginia Broitman 

Separation Anxiety

I'll Be Home Soon
by Patricia McConnell

Through a Dog's Ear
by Joshua Leeds and Susan Wagner

Through a Dog's Ear, Vol. 1
by Joshua Leeds and Susan Wagner 

Shelters & Rescues

Successful Dog Adoption
by Sue Sternberg



Silly Dog Tricks: Fun for You and Your Best Friend (for kids)
by Carol Coile

Click-a-Trick Cards
by Karen Pryor 

Estate Planning for Pets

Estate Planning for Pets

Vacation Pet Services

Petsitters International
Bring Fido